A: Rent-O-Roof is the bridge between the landlords and tenants. We work towards helping the landlords who list their properties with us and tenants who avail our services to select the right match for them, without any brokerage fees! We help our clients with the rent agreements and offer furnishing services for their new home.

A: Presently Rent-O-Roof is based in the financial capital, Mumbai and the political capital, Delhi-NCR. But, we are looking to expand our services across the country. You can write to us at RORcares@rentoroof.co.in and tell us, where you want us to stop next.

A: We connect the landlords and the tenants, without any brokerage fees. The landlords contact us with the property details and the kind of tenant they are expecting. The tenants submit their requirements and select from the list of properties we searched for them.

A: Buying is good when there exists an affordable apartment and you dont have to take a loan to buy it. Renting is much cheaper. One can find cheap houses for rent or 1bhk/2bhk apartment for rent.

A: This will depend on a lot of factors. Especially the fact that buying an apartment and then renting it to others, even on shared rental system is good money. Longevity of stay: If you foresee good 1 or 2 decade of stay in a city, it is always good to invest in an apartment first so that you get a peaceful and hassle free stay in the city along with your family. Moving from one rented place to another with family can be difficult and especially children may not be able to adjust quickly. If stay has to be short, you may choose to invest in land or an affordable pre-launch 2 BHK apartment which could be for investment again. Easy to sell it off when the project becomes ready to move in.

A: Mumbai has many areas that has cheap places for rent. It is a place that has affordable housing for all, be it student living or share rental basis or even temporary accommodations. Places like Mira Road, Borivali and Malad have best apartment for rent in Mumbai. These places have affordable accommodation for all kinds of tenants. Navi Mumbai has now available apartments to move in for any amount of time.

A: The best way, by far the cheapest way of staying in Mumbai is a share rental system. Areas like Mira Road and Borivali have the most affordable apartments` for rent, be it 1bhk/2bhk. Navi Mumbai has the best apartments for rent on temporary accommodation basis. Finding a place to stay for a month will depend on why you are staying in Mumbai. If you are working, then you should rent a place nearby to the work place. But this factor matters only if you hate travelling, if not then the locals are very reliable and you can rent a fully/semi furnished apartment in places like Malad.

A: Yes, you can find a -now available apartment to move in for a month, in any area in Mumbai.You can rent a fully/semi furnished apartment under temporary accommodation system. The most suitable way for a temporary accommodation is to find a share rental basis, this way you get the cheap places for rent in Mumbai. It also very economically if you are a student.

A: One of the topics that dont die out of the lists worth debating about is- Apartment or an Independent house? It is no secret that economic factors and a fast growing lifestyle have dealt a death knell for the culture of independent houses in India. As the cost of an independent house is staggering, not many buyers consider the option of going for one now. Land prices have rocketed and made the purchase of a site and construction of a house almost impossible. Cut back to the 80s, when the capital was still green: those were the days when the apartment culture had not yet gripped the capital. Today, the scene is completely different. Not only are concrete blocks mushrooming all over the city, large individual houses are fast disappearing with residents opting to give them up to developers. A typical apartment complex or gated community comes with clubs, a large community garden with plenty of area for children to play and pathways to walk for an affordable price.

A: Buying is not always a better option than renting. Especially when renting apartments are affordable and cheap compared to buying an individual house. To start with, lets breakdown the important financial aspects of both renting and buying: Rent costs: a. Monthly rent. b. Utilities. Buy costs: a. Down payment. b. Mortgage. c. Home insurance. d. Property tax. e. HOA dues. f. Maintenance. g. Utilities. You see what I mean? In fact, you can find some organizations like ror, that helps their customer find suitable house and no brokerage expected.

This is a primary problem faced by an NRI. Its easy if you rent a tenant through an organization that take care of everything about rental systems, from finding you the right tenant that fit your expectation to rental agreements. One such organization is ROR, the icing on the cake is the fact that they take no brokerage fee. You can rent the place to a student or a family, they will find you the tenant the suits your type.