Privacy Policy

The privacy policy of Rent o Roof highlights the different areas where user privacy is concerned and outlines the obligations and requirements of the users and the flat owners. It also explains the processes and the way user data shall be used.

Use and Applicability

We respect the privacy of our users in all respects. Rent o Roof requires information regarding certain grounds to understand the user'sí preferences and requirements, allowing them to deliver their services more efficiently and bridge the gap between flat seekers and the flat owners. The information is collected by means of Google forms.

Information shared by the user shall include-

1. Details pertaining to users name, marital status, email address, contact number/mobile number.
2. Details pertaining to the users preferences regarding the area , size of the apartment, date of possession and furnishing details.
3. Bank account details
4. Employment details

In case of property owners searching for tenants, details of the property, preferences regarding the tenants and contact details shall be required.

Data disclosure/sharing

By agreeing to post their property listing on ROR inventory the user agrees to allow ROR, at its sole discretion, to disclose the details of their property to potential clients based the requirements submitted by them. ROR shall disclose the users contact details to the interested tenant so that the user is at liberty to allow the tenant a visit to the property. ROR may also share details such as name, contact number, marital status, employment status and budget with the owner of the property the tenant may be interested in.

Third Party Usage of Data

ROR may, at its own discretion, share the data provided by the users with its affiliates or business partners so as to conduct data-driven surveys for conducting market research, analysing the usage of website and improving user experience and sending the users relevant offers, project planning, detecting frauds and troubleshooting problem.

Contact and Communication

ROR employees may contact the user by means of Facebook chat platforms to intimate him/her about available properties or via telephonic messages. By approaching ROR to post a property listing on ROR inventory, using our services or responding to our posts the user agrees to receive intimations and notifications from time to time via Facebook chats, emails, SMS or on call regarding potential tenants, properties that the user might be interested in and offers.

Change in privacy policy

To enhance the receptibility of the website, ROR may use cookies or similar electronic tools to collect information so as to understand the users independent interests. Cookies are only capable of gathering the data supplied by the user and cannot read it off the hard drive.

ROR shall use the information collected by the website while the user visits it and use it accordingly to tailor and streamline the information based on the users preference. The website uses the users IP to direct the the webpages to them. The IP address does not identify the user personally.