Brokerage Free Rental Service

Landlord Services

Landlords contact us with their choice of tenant for the property they wish to rent. We find the suitable tenant for them. All this for no brokerage fee.

Tenant Services

ROR thrives towards finding people their dream home. Tenants submit the requirements to us and subscribe to a plan, and hence we help you find a home meeting your requirements in the most reliable, fast & affordable manner.

Rent Agreements

Finding a roof over your head is not the most difficult part, it is just the first step. The real headache is when you have to get the paperwork done. But, you can worry less about paperwork, agreements and policies by contacting Rent-O-Roof, mailto: This services can be availed by both owners or tenants, by providing us with the required information.

Furnishing Zone

ROR not only finds you the right home; it also provides furnishing services. You can now easily rent the cushion of your choice instead of buy them, for an affordable price. Rent furniture through us and get the unbelievable discounts on each of them.